Lisa St. Clair
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Musical Director, Piano, Voice , Composition, Harmony, Rudiments, Aural Musicianship, Accompanist, Conductor, Arranger, Composer, Sound Designer


71 Chestnut Ave.
Wolfville  NS  B4P 1V9

Lisa lives in the center of Wolfville Nova Scotia and has been teaching piano and voice privately for over 30 years, also has been on staff with Dalhousie University, Acadia University, and Neptune Theatre School. She gives workshops and private lessons across the country as well as Skype lessons.  Her specialization in voice is in the musical theatre genre.  Her piano teaching ranges include:  conservatory training (Royal Conservatory), “functional” piano and pop styles all ages from 8 years up.  She also offers theory, harmony, counterpoint, and musicianship training. Many of Lisa’s students are currently pursuing secondary studies in Canada, the USA and Europe. More are working professionally as performers and instructors. Many simply retain a love of learning and playing music. Follow the link to her personal performance credits and awards: